Water Slides

We Build Slides

Aquatic Technologies offers several types and combinations of slides to meet your water park needs. Each slide is designed and crafted with your needs in mind.

Take a look at the different slide types below to learn more, then shoot us a message to get the best slides in the industry.

Body Slides

Our body slides have become a waterpark standard.  Featuring compound radii, high-walled curves and strategically placed accelerators, they are engineered to create  ultimate excitement that is sure to leave your guests craving more.  Our 42″ advanced open slide features a molded-in splash guard ensuring a safe, smooth ride. All body slides manufactured by Aquatic Technologies are available in an unlimited variety of design configurations and an endless array of colors.  A waterpark is not complete without one!

Raft Slides

Our raft slides are expertly engineered to deliver high-speed, action-packed experiences providing endless entertainment for your guests. They offer a smooth, seamless ride while ensuring the safety and enjoyment your customers count on.

Available in an extensive variety of design configurations and colors. These quality water slides are a traffic-building addition to any park.